ICT & Knowledge management

SEMLAC will ensure that museum, library and archive activity underpins the development of the region as a knowledge based society.

ICT and knowledge management are critical development areas for the South East and we have appointed an ICT Development Officer, Linda Constable (from www.layer3.com, to support work in these areas.

For Consultation:

SEMLAC ICT Development Strategy for the South East Museum, Library and Archive Sector 2004-5 to 2006/7

‘The vision is for ICT to open up access to, and understanding of, the wealth of culture and knowledge that is available through museums, libraries and archives in the South East’.

SEMLAC’s ICT Development Strategy is the result of research and regional consultation and builds on SEMLAC’s existing strategies and business planning processes.

The ICT Development Strategy is for: SEMLAC staff and Board; Museum Library and Archive Council (MLA); Museum, library and archive professionals in the South East and their organisations; regional bodies; funding bodies; private sector ICT suppliers. Seven key ICT themes were identified during consultation:

Each theme has issues followed by strategic objectives and actions with potential partners and a timescale.